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Your New Way to Grow & Manage Leads

Each click on your website represents an invaluable opportunity to better understand the needs and preferences of your customers. By analyzing this valuable information, you could not only save thousands of dollars in misdirected resources, but you could also generate millions in additional revenue. It all starts with the ability to know what and how to measure it.

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My 4 Strategy Pillars

Get my Automated Review / Leads / Referall Management System

Save Time + Money Each Second

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Reputation Management​ in main trusted platforms

  • Client Review Acquisitions strategies

  • Automated systems to overcome review competition volume.

  • Local SEO ranking Strategies

  • Dominate your area of ​​influence in organic searches


I am Juanjo Grassie

Somehow for me measuring is a passion, and after several years of dedicated work  as Digital Marketing strategist, I am proud to be one of a few professionals who can strategize, implement and assess the results of different marketing steps. ​My experience in digital media buying, implementation for data analysis tools and creativity to grab customers attention in seconds through great copy, allows me to be ready and test content to eventually make micro-improvements which could translate into million saved or earned. It's critical for businesses to understand customer behavior on an online store or real estate landing page and drive better performance as soon as possible.

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Growth Marketing Consultant

You are not alone

By harnessing the power of the data you may already have, I can help your business grow. Establishing the right customer journey with targeted and personalized disruptive communication, and marketing strategies that grab the attention of your potential customers 

Marketing Strategy
Media Buyer
Platform Configuration
Data Analysis

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